About Sun Spiral

Welcome sweet faries, thank you for visiting ❤ I would like to tell your my story.


My name is Gina and I created Sun Spiral in April 2015, which opened a new path of passion in my life. I always had a big love for nature, crystals, jewelry and clothing. I studied fashion design which i enjoyed a lot for over 4 years =)

A while after that i came up with the idea to start my little project to work with what i love! As long as i can remember i love to be creative, by making clothes and jewelry, playing music or drawing and designing. And I wanted to stay creative, so i decided to continue to make unique clothing and by starting to make spiritual jewelry.

Starting Sun Spiral has given me great pleasure and inspiration. It has been the perfect place to free my creativity! I would like to share my passion and inspire others with beautiful things created with care and love, sharing positivity and good vibes.